Krista Ruane is a Food Stylist for television, cookbooks, motion pictures & print. Formerly a Senior Food Stylist at the Food Network, she appeared in numerous “behind the scenes” documentaries and has worked with some of the most talented chefs in the business.

“Ruane’s passion for making food gorgeous for camera utilizes many of her talents. Her keen eye is always looking for ways to plate and present food so the viewer can’t wait to eat it. Whether shooting video, film or stills, Ruane avoids using fake foods and weird products to make food camera ready. Real food is always better, but in a pinch, knowing food styling techniques is essential. She loves to present food as naturally as possible, “Perfect is boring, show me the burnt edges of a rib, the dripping sauce, or the shape of a torn biscuit. Then I know there is a real cook behind the food, which makes it all the more appetizing.””*

*Food Network Kitchens Get Grilling Press release, 2005.

Krista Ruane (food stylist) . . 718.810.4516